Received an email from this domain?

No need to worry! The emails you receive from the organization mentioned in the email are delivered by Flowmailer. Like a postman, Flowmailer gets the emails from our business to your inbox. To do this, this subdomain is used. More information below!

Dear visitor,

You’ve stumbled upon a page that is used for email service purposes. Maybe you clicked a link in an email from this domain because you had a question about its contents or maybe even the validity of this email domain.

The email you’ve received from this domain was sent with legitimate intent. You’ve received it as their (former)customer or because of an existing relationship between you and the brand. This email could be either transactional or marketing related. If you wish not to receive their marketing emails anymore, you can opt out via the email’s opt out link.

If you still don't trust the validity or the contents of the email, please reach out to the organization's Customer Service.


The Flowmailer team

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